SVL3 Series AC Voltage Sensor, DC Voltage Transmitter

SVL3 Series is AC Voltage Sensor / DC Voltage Transmitter Features: 300V till 1000V Primary AC voltage ranges High immunity to external interference Bipolar power supply DC Voltage 0-5V output 1% accuracy of full scale DIN-Rail mounting

l   SVL3 Series AC Voltage Sensor / Transmitter a new generation voltage sensor/transmitter develop on the basis of hall effect.
l   The signal can be converted from Ac high-voltage signal to low-voltage direct voltage output, easy for measurement.
l   Interface with terminal connection, you can directly connect to the digital panel meter or other indicating instrument.
l   Widely used in the DC panel and other equipment.

l   All electronic is imported components assembled, along with excellent circuit design, all products processed via 48 hours room temperature aging and eight hours high temperature aging, and by rigorous factory testing, it has excellent characteristics with long-term stable operation even in harsh working conditions.

Technical parameters:

Parameters(25°C)         Model SVL3-AC
Voltage output
Rated input voltage AC: 0~300V, 0~500V, 0~1000V
Rated output DC 0~5V
Accuracy @ Ta=25°C ±1%
Working voltage DC    ±12V or ±15V (±5%)
Road Resistance Rmax 10KΩ
Overload Voltage 1.2Uin
Offset Voltage < ±20mV
Linearity @ Ta=25°C ±0.5%
Response time 300mS
Operating Frequency AC
Bandwith DC-50Hz
Thermal drift of Offset Vo < ±0.02%/°C
Withstand voltage 3kVrms/50Hz/min
Current consumption < 110mA + output current
Operating temperature -10 ℃ ~ +85℃
Storage temperature -40 ℃ ~ +90℃

Dimension & Wiring (mm):


1. Size error: ±1mm;
2. If the rated voltage ≥ 500V, the input/output is a single channel detection.
3. The product installation and use environment should be free of conductive dust and corrosion.
4. When wiring, please pay attention to the exposed conductive part of the terminal block, and the input, output and power supply must be connected correctly.
Do not make mistakes or reverse connections, incorrect wiring may cause damage to the sensor.
5. Severe vibration or high temperature may also cause damage to the product, please pay attention to the occasion of use.

1.Single AC voltage isolation conversion, convert the high AC voltage signalinto low voltage signal output 0-5V, easy measurement.
2.Directly connect with all types of A / D converter, and also can directlyconnect to the digital panel meter or other indicating instruments.
3.Rail mounting, simple and convenient for use.
Caution: Incorrect wiring may damage the sensor
We can customer different voltage sensor according to requirements.

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