SCB12 Series Close Loop Hall Current Sensor

SCB12 series is close loop Hall-effect current sensor develop on Hall effect principle. Because the input signal is weak and the sensor is round perforation measurement mode, we adapt in shielding design to overcome the impact of interface.

General Data:
1、 Primary nominal r.m.s. current(Ipn):50A..300A or 5A
2、 Output voltage:±5V
3、 Window diameter: ø35
4、 Accuracy: ±1%
5、 Load resistance:>=10KΩ
6、 Input overload:2 In
7、 Bandwidth:±DC-150KHZ
8、 Response time:≤5 μS
9、 Withstand voltage:3KV DC
10、 Supply Voltage: DC ±15V
11、 Current consumption:<20Ma

Wiring & Dimension (mm):


1. Size error: ±1mm;
2. Primary aperture: φ35mm;
3. Fastening hole: φ5.5mm*2;
4. B12T output terminal: 2EDGIV-5.08-4P;
5. The IP indication direction is the positive direction of the current;
6. Incorrect wiring may cause damage to the sensor.

Sensor structure

1. close loop structure as a whole set, its shell is made of engineering plastics. Upright installation.
2. the lower part of the sensor is power supply and signal output pin.
3. the product uses epoxy encapsulation method, suitable for high temperature and humid workplaces.

Sensor installation: vertical loading, window diameter is 35.

1. because the input/output signal noise ratio is very small, zero output will appears a little beat
2. input signal connections should be strictly work as shown in the figure so that the sensor get stable working condition to ensure accuracy.
3. output voltage, the load impedance 10K ohms is proper to ensure matching and precision.
4. direction of primary current to be measured shall be consistent with the shell as shown in arrow direction.

1. Ensure sensor installation is not PIN deformed, Avoid heavy percussion and heat sources close to the sensor.

2. in severely corrosive environment, corrosion, dust, pins must be taken by the seals.

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