SCB2 Series PCB Mount Current Sensor

SCB2 Series Hall Current Sensor is a new generation closed loop current sensor based on Hall effect principle, it can accurately measure DC, AC and pulse current and other various irregular waveforms current in electrical isolation conditions. PCB board mounting way, it is widely used in all kinds of power, servo systems, DC panel and welding machines.


Technical Data:

Parameters(25°C) Model SCB2-5mA SCB2-10mA
Nominal Rms Current (Ipn) ±5mA ±10mA
Measuring Range (Ip) 2*Ipn
Road Resistance Rmax 100~200Ω
Output Signal ±25mA
Turns Ratio 5000:1000 2500:1000
Measuring Resistance 710Ω 310KΩ
Working voltage DC    ±12V or ±15V (±5%)
Accuracy @ Ta=25°C ±0.8% FS
Linearity @ Ta=25°C ±0.2% FS
Offset Current Typical values ± 0.16mA, maximum ±0.35mA
Offset temperature characteristics < ±0.02%/°C
Thermal drift of Vo Typical values ± 0.1mA, maximum ±0.5mA
Di/Dt following accuracy >100A/us
Bandwidth DC ~150kHz
Response time < 20uS
Hysteresis offset < 0.5mA (if=F.S. 0<--- --->Nominal RMS Current)
Withstand voltage 3kVrms/50Hz/min
Current consumption 13mA + output current
Operating temperature -20~+80 °C
Storage temperature -40~+85 °C



1. Size error: ±0.5mm;
2. Lead size: □ 0.64*0.64mm*5, recommended PCB cut-out φ1.2mm;
3. This sensor is used to measure AC and DC voltage by measuring milliampere current;
4. Before use, calculate the current limiting resistance R0 resistance and resistance power between voltages;
5. The installation size should be consistent with the sensor size, and the pins should not be squeezed to avoid an open circuit of the internal pin connection;
6. When performing pin welding, the soldering time should be as short as possible to avoid causing the internal pin connection to be open;


1. Installation dimensions need fit to thesensor size, avoid to squeezing the pin, it would open the internal pin circuitconnections.

2. Recommend mounting aperture of .1.2.

3. Use 30w or less soldering iron for pinwelding and do it as short as possible to avoid internal pin connections open.


Weight and Package:

Net weight 22g

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