Closed loop Hall current sensor

Hall Effect Close Loop Current Sensor is a current measurement device which develop on base of the hall effect principle, it can accurately measure DC, AC, pulsed current in isolation way.

Principle: Hall Effect Close Loop Current Sensor develops on base of close loop operation principle. Primary current Ip provide the magnetic flux which will be balanced by a complementary flux produced by driving a current through the secondary winding, so the positive and negative magnetic field reaches equilibrium, thereby detecting the current. In other words, the secondary current, IS, creates a flux equal in amplitude, but opposite in direction, to the flux created by the primary current.

Features: compare to open loop sensors, close loop sensors measure AC, DC, Pulse currents and provide electrical isolation. Fast response, high linearity, and low temperature drift. Close loop sensor is noted for its wide bandwidth, highest accuracy, good linearity and no insertion losses at ambient and high temperature.

Applications: Widely used in commercial and industrial applications including servo drive, variable frequency drive, DC Panel, Motor Control, HVAC, over current protection and current monitoring of electronic circuits.

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