Split core Hall Current Sensor

Split core current sensor is a current measurement device designed with hall chip as the core sensitive element, applying the principle of Hall effect and using the open-loop working principle. When the current flows through the conductor, a magnetic field will be generated around the conductor. The magnitude of the magnetic field is proportional to the magnitude of the current flowing through the wire. This magnetic field can be gathered by soft magnetic materials and then detected by the Hall chip. Due to the change of the magnetic field, it has a good linear relationship with the output voltage signal, the output signal can directly reflect the current in the conductor. Split core current sensor is designed to be detachable, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Features: high precision, fast response time, easy disassembly and installation, suitable for replacement and maintenance and inconvenient occasions for equipment disassembly.

Applications: Widely used in DC panels, motor control, HVAC, overcurrent protection, electronic circuit current monitoring and other fields.

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